Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a proactive sourcing tool to identify and access entire candidate populations within specific industries, locations and job functions.  Utilising propriety techniques, our in-house Research Team provides you with real-time access to candidates not available via conventional means such as job boards and online databases. This extends to people referred to as "passive candidates" who may not even be looking for work, but do possess the skills and experience your organisation needs.

Talent Mapping allows you to access a pool of top tier talent from the market and to understand the organisation structure of key competitors. Typical outputs for Talent Mapping reports include the name, designation, salary data, experience, performance metrics, skill levels and demographic details of targeted candidates. With this powerful information you can fill multiple vacancies, benchmark salaries & skills, prepare for future recruiting exercises, and launch effective employer branding initiatives.

Talent Mapping enables you to get the complete picture of available talent, i.e. the "who's who" in your marketplace to ensure you make informed hiring decisions.

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