Contractor Payroll

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More and more organisations are relying on flexible staffing arrangements to meet critical resourcing needs. As these needs continue to grow, the benefits of having a single, affordable provider of contractor payroll becomes essential to controlling costs and simplifying HR management.

Sheffield Executive provides solutions to better manage your contingent workforce. We support staffing arrangements for all of your non-permanent staff, including temporary workers, contractors and consultants. As a single point of administration and support, we manage all requests, vendors, contractor movements, timesheets and payroll. This service eliminates the burden of contractor management, payroll calculations and benefits administration.

By engaging us as the sole manager of your contingent workforce you can control costs, increase visibility and ensure across-the-board HR compliance. You can also transfer all of your existing contract staff to our payroll as part of a cost-effective, streamlined solution.

It's all about simplifying people management - leaving you more time and energy to focus on your core business activities.


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