Psychometric Assessment

The negative consequences of making a bad hiring decision are significant. It adversely affects business performance, lowers moral and costs money. Replacing an employee who doesn't work out is expensive and time consuming. Yet many employers are often hesitant to conduct reference checks, even when the candidate has provided them with their Referee's contact details.

Our Reference Checking services provide employers with an easy and simple option to get reference checks completed quickly and efficiently. We conduct professional reference checks by having our trained consultants speak directly to a Candidate's nominated Referees. We check on the Candidate's past employment and performance and provide you with a standardised report on all of the information received: If you or your HR team have an existing reference template we can utilise that to deliver a report in your own format. 

Our reference checking services are easy to use and highly affordable. The results will be returned to you within 2 working days for every reference check requested. Volume discounts are available for employers who require more than 20 checks to completed in a year.

Psychometric -Assessment

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