Industry Experts

Banking & Financial Institutions

Banking and Financial Institutions operate in a highly competitive yet heavily regulated sector. We have extensive experience recruiting for banking clients across front, middle and back office roles. We have also worked closely with insurance (general & life) and investment companies to deliver the specific talent they require to compete in their respective markets. Recruiting for Islamic finance professionals has become a key niche for our team.



The manufacturing sector in Asia has experienced tremendous change. From early origins in low-value goods, the sector has evolved to be world-leading in the manufacture of high-tech products (semiconductor, automotive, electronics), textiles and chemicals. Our recruitment services provide manufacturing companies with the expertise they require.

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods industry is rapidly growing and manoeuvring the market to meet the ever-changing demands of customers by providing a positive and profitable platform for growth in the industry. We intend on providing our recruitment expertise by equipping companies eminent and elite individuals to support the changing needs of this industry.

Shared Services

Shared Services, Outsourcing and Global Business Services (GBS) represent a fast-growing industry in Asia, allowing it to be one of the top regions to service globally.  As a growing sector, careers in SSO can prove to be lucrative, offering world-class learning, development, and advancement opportunities. We supply companies with professionals possessing relevant experience who can succeed in diverse, global environments.

Oil & Gas

The global oil & gas market are quite dependent on the global demand and supply. This makes the industry quite volatile in terms of cost and profits. Due to this nature of the Oil & Gas industry, we equip companies and employees with the knowledge to deal with volatile markets while achieving sustainable growth in a highly regulated and competitive market.


In a consumer-driven industry, companies are driven to remain competitive and innovative to ensure profitability and consumer loyalty. We aim to equip companies with innovative strategies in order to strive in the competitive markets while managing regulation, demand and investments.


The technology industry is a fast paced and ever changing industry due to the introduction and adaptation of new technology in short periods of time. We strive to provide companies with the ability to cope with fast-paced business transformations while supplementing for the quick turnover in introducing new products and services to the growing market of consumers.

Multi-National Companies

Multi-National Companies are usually more aligned towards the direction from their regional and global hubs. To accommodate and facilitate development and growth within MNC companies, ours have the experience and exposure in developing and executing regional and/or global level strategies and direction throughout the region. 


We provide specialist recruitment services for the education sector for both academic and non-academic roles for schools, universities and colleges. Our clients represent a range of institutions and we source locally and regionally to meet their needs. Whether it's recruiting a Secondary Teacher or a Marketing Manager, we are proud of our ability to provide quality professionals who will shape the future of the next generation of students. 


The SME market in the region is growing rapidly in the shift from corporate to smaller privately owned businesses. In a market where smaller enterprises are competing for market space with the larger Multi-Nationals and more established companies. We ensure that business owners are equipped with strategies and innovative methods in market penetration, and product launching and placement.