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Recruiter looking at post it notes

They can build good relationships

The most important aspect of successful recruiters is their ability to find exceptional people and build relationships with them.  They may use a variety of techniques to create the initial relationship such as headhunting calls or technology and from there on in they will continue to deepen the relationship so they can make a more informed evaluation.

They know the market

The competent recruiter is able to tell the hiring manager what the employment market looks like, what the supply of talent for a particular job is likely to be in their area, and how difficult it will be to find and close on candidates. They know their client's industry and understand how different job functions contribute to the success of an organisation.

They are passionate about their profession

If there is one differentiating factor between a successful recruiter and an unsuccessful one it is their level of enthusiasm, pro-activeness and passion for their job.   Recruitment is a challenging profession with many setbacks, but ultimately the recruiter who is will to go the extra mile to work with both employers and candidates who will enjoy the most success.

They can ask questions

Questioning skills are an essential part of being successful in recruitment. Questions enable a recruiter to effectively engage with contacts, build rapport, discover needs, agree on those needs and manage conversations throughout the recruitment process. A formal knowledge of questioning techniques and the types of questions which elicit the right type of information is necessary for taking effective client briefs and conducting worthwhile interviews with candidates.

They listen

Hearing is a physical ability while listening is a skill.   Listening requires processing what has been said to ensure a clear understanding of what is meant.   Once you understand and build empathy you will have increased your empathy and in turn be better placed to make yourself understood.

They understand technology

Technology already dominates recruiting. Applicant tracking systems, HRIS systems, email, job boards, blogs, social networks, and recruiting websites are all part of the technology equation. If a recruiter is not technically agile and informed, they cannot be successful in the long run. Great recruiters still utilise traditional sourcing techniques but do not ignore the tremendous contribution technology can make to the recruitment process.

They can close candidates

In the end, a recruiter is judged by the number of candidates they place into roles. To do this they must be able to bridge the needs of employers and candidates.   They need to know how to manage objections, offer solutions, work out compromises, negotiate and in the end, make the hire happen.

Build Good Relationships
Know the Market
Ask Questions
They Listen
Understand Technology
Close Candidates
Good Recruiter
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