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Business Services for Recruitment
Recruit Senior Vacancy

Recruit a Senior Vacancy

Executive Search is one of the most powerful and targeted approaches for recruiting roles critical to the success of any organisation. It is typically utilised for senior or specialist vacancies. Our Executive Search Consultants each possess more than 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry. Their extensive functional and industry knowledge, combined with a track record of success in recruitment, provides them with the expertise to source and assess the best candidates for your needs.

Throughout the Executive Search process, our Consultants work closely with senior stakeholders in your organisation to understand the specific requirements of the role. We then apply an in-depth Talent Mapping and research process which allows us to access candidates working in relevant target companies that other recruitment methods cannot reach.  

Our Consultants conduct in-depth interviews and assessment to separate exceptional candidates from average performers and assess them against your organisation's needs. What distinguishes our Executive Search services is full Consultant commitment to the recruitment process and a dedicated amount of time spent per assignment on sourcing, screening and assessment.  The focus is on delivering quality candidates who will power your organisation into the future.

Recruit a Mid-Level Vacancy

At Sheffield Executive, our Executive Selection recruitment services provide you with the best available talent in the marketplace with the capacity to drive your business forward. Underpinning each engagement is understanding your business goals, aspirations and culture. This enables us to operate as a true business partner and as an extension of your business in the search for high calibre talent.

Our Consultants utilise a methodical and rigorous approach to sourcing the most suitable candidates currently available in the marketplace. We combine the best of conventional headhunting techniques with fresh and innovative approaches about how to reach hard to find talent.  Our interview and assessment techniques ensure each candidate is screened against your specific requirements before being shortlisted.

Our key focus is on speed and quality to deliver shortlists in an efficient manner ready for interviewing by your own HR and Hiring Managers.

Recruit for Multiple Vacancies

Whether it's recruiting 10 staff or 1000, recruiting a large number of candidates presents unique challenges. We possess extensive experience in the design and delivery of volume recruitment and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions to deliver on large-scale hiring requirements. Our solutions leverage the principles of Project Management with BPO - combining people, processes, and technology to deliver outcomes which meet key requirements such as time-to-hire, skill levels, candidate experience and reporting.

We deliver highly customized solutions which take responsibility for delivering on all, or part of, your recruitment activities. This ranges from providing help with individual components of the recruitment process, right through to a completely outsourced solution. Whether your needs are small or large, you will benefit from the ability to access a world-class recruitment function which can scale up or down depending on your hiring volumes. Our focus is on delivering tailored solutions which improve hiring processes and are cost-effective compared to conventional recruitment services.

Identify Candidates & Competitors in my Industry 

Talent Mapping is a proactive sourcing tool to identify and access entire candidate populations within specific industries, locations and job functions.  Utilizing propriety techniques, our in-house Research Team provides you with real-time access to candidates not available via conventional means such as job boards and online databases. This extends to people referred to as "passive candidates" who may not even be looking for work, but do possess the skills and experience your organisation needs.

Talent Mapping allows you to access a pool of top tier talent from the market and to understand the organisation structure of key competitors. Typical outputs for Talent Mapping reports include the name, designation, salary data, experience, performance metrics, skill levels and demographic details of targeted candidates. With this powerful information you can fill multiple vacancies, benchmark salaries & skills, prepare for future recruiting exercises, and launch effective employer branding initiatives. Talent Mapping enables you to get the complete picture of available talent, i.e. the "who's who" in your marketplace to ensure you make informed hiring decisions.

Train & Develop my Staff

Our sister company, Sheffield Plus provides innovative talent development solutions for organisations seeking to achieve a competitive edge via their people. Via both in-house and public training programs, we empower clients with the capability and resources to improve the competencies and working relationships of their staff. This approach creates highly-skilled, cohesive and high-performing organisations. Our internationally qualified consultants & trainers, are able to draw upon a wide range of both theoretical and real-life examples to share with participants. This also means participants have a greater chance of success when applying new approaches to their day-to-day roles.


All of our services are delivered with the highest levels of engagement including post-engagement support to ensure maximum success even after the formalities of workshops and training have been completed. Sheffield Plus is HRDF certified with the Malaysian government which includes a requirement for government accredited trainers to form part of our operations. Companies that contribute to the Human Resources Development Levy may be reimbursed for the cost of our training services.

Conduct Psychometric Assessment

We provide a full range of psychometric assessment tools which are scientifically proven and powerful predictors of workplace performance in line with the talent management requirements of today’s organisations. All assessments can be completed online and reports generated by our qualified consultants within 24 hours.


Our assessments draw on the tried and tested principles in personality testing, and combine this with the very latest discoveries in occupational psychology. This results in psychometric solutions that measure precisely what is important in your business environment.


  • Recruitment - We know which attributes are required for senior executives, top sale performers, efficient customer service staff and effective leaders, and we can customise these even further to suit your roles.

  • Talent Identification & Retention – Our assessments will identify high potential performers within your organisation also show you ways to retain talent by understanding what motivates them in the workplace.

  • Development – our assessments are frequently used to identify the learning and development needs for people at all levels within an organisation. Our reports help leaders become more effective people managers by showing them which traits to focus on.


Whilst our products incorporate the latest research, our breadth of commercial experience ensures our online assessment system solutions are relevant, practical, and easy to integrate into your existing competency and assessment frameworks.

Reference Checks for Candidates

The negative consequences of making a bad hiring decision are significant. It adversely affects business performance, lowers moral and costs money. Replacing an employee who doesn't work out is expensive and time consuming. Yet many employers are often hesitant to conduct reference checks, even when the candidate has provided them with their referee's contact details. Our Reference Checking services provide employers with an easy and simple option to get reference checks completed quickly and efficiently.   


 We conduct professional reference checks by having our trained consultants speak directly to a Candidate's nominated Referees. We check on the Candidate's past employment and performance and provide you with a standardised report on all of the information received: If you or your HR team have an existing reference template we can utilise that to deliver a report in your own format. Our reference checking services are affordable, easy to use and highly affordable. The results will be returned to you within 2 working days for every reference check requested. Volume discounts are available for employers who require more than 20 checks to completed in a year.

Payroll Contract Staff

More and more organisations are relying on flexible staffing arrangements to meet critical resourcing needs. As these needs continue to grow, the benefits of having a single, affordable provider of contractor payroll becomes essential to controlling costs and simplifying HR management. Sheffield Executive provides solutions to better manage your contingent workforce. We support staffing arrangements for all of your non-permanent staff, including temporary workers, contractors and consultants. As a single point of administration and support, we manage all requests, vendors, contractor movements, timesheets and payroll. This service eliminates the burden of contractor management, payroll calculations and benefits administration.

By engaging us as the sole manager of your contingent workforce you can control costs, increase visibility and ensure across-the-board HR compliance. You can also transfer all of your existing contract staff to our payroll as part of a cost-effective, streamlined solution. t's all about simplifying people management - leaving you more time and energy to focus on your core business activities.

Recruit Mid Level Vacancy
Identify candidates and competitors
Conduct Psychometric Assessment
Reference Checks for Candidates
Payroll Contract Staff
Train and develop my staff
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