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Humanising Human Resources in the Digital Age

Try asking any thoughtful HR leaders on some of the most common issues that are being pointed out regarding HR practices and there is a high chance you’ll come across Brigette Hyacinth’s profile. Brigette is famously known for her genuine thoughts on the existing and compounding gaps this department and the recruitment industry have. She emphasises on the importance of humanising human resource and investing more time, energy and focus into the growth of employees.

The importance is justified as the digital age has not only revolutionised most of the mundane tasks but also how different departments or portfolios function in organisations. What the majority fail to realize is that in this era of industrial revolution, the most important asset has always been humans. So, the real question is – how can organisations focus on bringing back human to Human Resource, especially in this age of digital progression?

The most effective and proactive measure is to challenge the status quo. When was the last time you went for an interview or selection process that focused more on the real you and not the 2-3 pages of resume you submitted? When was the last time you were given the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities in a holistic manner?

Technology and business processes are constantly changing so Human Resource must be accountable and make every effort to focus on adapting to these rapid changes. This human-centric department is becoming more crucial and serves as an organisation’s backbone where they ensure business goals are met with the right set of talent and culture.

Interestingly enough, the employee experience vs benefits discussion is something Human Resource has taken seriously due to the increasing relevance. When you think about it today, are benefits, rewards and compensation the only driving factors for an employee’s growth and satisfaction?

80% of the workforce in 2020 will be made up of Millennials where they value experience and demand a learning-driven career. This is something Human Resource must be aware of - employees assess them and organisations as well to ensure that they are devoting 1/3 of their day or a portion of their life to a career which is supportive of their development.

Thus, providing the right set of employee experience starts right from the hiring stage, their journey with the organisation as well as them transitioning to a different company. This people-focused department has the opportunity to empower and grow their employees on a visible scale.

However, in order to create this visible scale of impact, Human Resource must focus on humanising their approach first by adapting to the rapid changes of technology and bridging the existing gap between employer and employee expectations.


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