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Sectors that are still hiring amidst COVID-19 lockdowns

In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s easy to feel that all career hope is lost as some organisations have been laying off employees. With the current economic crisis, it may seem as though nobody will be hiring for the next couple of months at least. However, there are sectors which continue to look for candidates to join their organisation as extra hands are needed now more than ever. It may feel improbable but some sectors are having a surge of openings during this period.

Here are 4 sectors that are still hiring despite the Covid-19 lockdown:

1. Healthcare

The healthcare sector is the most occupied at the moment. One newspaper in Malaysia reported that over 2,000 retired doctors and nurses were being recruited to boost health services. Apart from nurses, doctors and other frontline staff, there is also a demand for pharmaceutical industry workers. Positions like Quality Manager and Lab-based R&D roles are available and need specialist skills to support at this very critical time.

2. Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

When most other stores are still closed, grocery stores and supermarkets are some of the most hectic places at the moment. Grocery store and supermarket workers are facing additional duties, such as sanitisation of products and monitoring entry and exit points, which also means the companies are on the lookout for more employees to join their team. Tesco recently announced they were looking to recruit over 600 new staff due to the unprecedented demand for groceries. Every age of employee was welcome from 18 to 60 years. Other stores have sped up their application processing time, so there is a higher and quicker chance of landing a job in this sector.

3. Delivery & Shipping Companies

Since movements are restricted by the authorities, corporates and individuals have turned to delivery options for various reasons. Whether one is sending off a business document to a client or having a meal delivered to their doorstep, delivery and shipping companies are handling the end-to-end supply chain. Due to an increase in such demands, more delivery and shipping companies are looking to hire more staff. Logistics and transport services supporting essential services have been allowed to operate despite the lockdown.

4. Cleaning Services

When hygiene and sanitisation are bigger concerns than ever, more people have come forward to outsource their premise cleaning services. Being in the first line of defence in preventing infections, the demands for major cleaning positions have shot up. Apart from frontline duties, cleaning companies are also looking for higher-level positions such as coordinators, quality control officers and managers to monitor cleaning schedules and processes.

We know it’s a tough time for many people at the moment. However, there are job opportunities available despite everything that’s going on. If you’re in any doubt hop onto the major job websites such as LinkedIn Jobs and search for jobs posted in the last week to get a feel to new vacancies. There are still positions for many sectors despite the lockdown. Job searching will definitely be a lot harder over the months ahead but we wish you all the best with your career search.


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