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Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Generally, recruitment agencies are organisations that match employers to employees. They are outside firms who seek for well-defined candidates for employers. As a core function of human resource management, recruitment involves the process of analysing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that particular job, interviewing and selecting applicants, then hiring and integrating the new employee to the organisation.

Recruitment agencies in Malaysia fill a specific need. Employers can identify the individuals that can drive their business forwards and boost the bottom line. They recognize that they need a suitable person to apply for their job, but most times they don't have the time and resources to go and find these people themselves. In order to easily find the right people for their jobs, they utilize recruitment agencies.

The two major reasons why employers use recruitment agencies is to find better quality people and to save time. Finding talent, particularly in an emerging marketing in Malaysia can be challenging. Recruiting new employees can also be a time-consuming process for organisations. Expectations about how quickly people are needed have increased dramatically. Business growth and goals are predicated on finding people and having them contribute to the success and growth of the organisation. In this sense using a recruitment agency saves ultimately saves a business time and money - otherwise these agencies wouldn't exist.

To put it into context, recruitment agencies can range from high-end executive search firms down to manpower agencies. Over the last 20 years in Malaysia the big growth has been in mid-level positions. Predominantly these are white collar roles from junior to mid-management positions. This is where most recruitment agencies in Malaysia are operating and there has been significant business growth at this level. Recruitment agencies in Malaysia work to provide staffing solutions for organisations across a wide range of sectors, including technology, banking, manufacturing, oil & gas, finance & accounting, energy and infrastructure. As such, they often possess incredible knowledge about the candidate market. They also keep up to date with market trends, developments and current affairs in the industry they're recruiting for.

Choosing a recruitment agency in Malaysia can therefore be a challenging task. There are no shortage of options and many of them look the same. Some key questions to check include:

  • Can the recruitment agency access the skills and experience needed in a reasonable period of time?

  • Can they bring a high level of expertise to the process of finding suitable candidates for vacant positions and projects?

  • Do they know what the employer and soon-to-be employee both want?

Ultimately choose the firm that you feel most comfortable with and can demonstrate the relevant expertise in your sector.


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