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What is RPO?

Updated: May 26, 2019

Outsourcing has been around for many years and is still growing, however outsourcing of recruitment is a relatively new phenomenon. Organizations outsource specifically because of the increased quality of hires, cost benefit and time saving.

Observing the positive growing rate of outsourcing in today's businesses and for-profit organizations, one can assume that the present processes and strategies when outsourcing have been developed and customized to adapt to various organizational cultures and needs. Since organizations realized the need to outsource, a new business was born and for over a decade or two, outsourcing agencies have expanded steadily in the Malaysian market.

Outsourcing presents a popular way to increase business performance. This way of providing support for business activities is more frequently used in the field of human resources. Recruitment process outsourcing bridges the gap between traditional recruiting methods and the current hiring demands in a very competitive recruiting environment where organizations are desperate to hire the candidates they need to ensure their business can succeed.

Recruitment process outsourcing in Malaysia allows employers to outsource their internal recruitment activities in part, or in whole, to an RPO provider. The RPO company handles the entire recruitment process from start to finish, including sourcing channels, screening (both interviews and assessments) and ultimately hiring candidates. Recruitment process outsourcing is structured to integrate with your business, just as any outsourced function would, such as finance or IT. However RPO in Malaysia may need to account for local cultural customs and norms to ensure the hiring results are successful.

As one of the increasingly popular recruiting solutions in Malaysia, recruitment process outsourcing has garnered a lot of attention. With a more customized approach to recruiting, sourcing, and screening, executive positions can be filled quickly and efficiently. Recruitment process outsourcing is also one the fastest-growing service models in Malaysia because of its ability to successfully handle volume recruitment.

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